In this chapter we will be discussing the Twitter component. The Twittercomponent allows you to add Twitter messages including the image in the textof the person tweeting directly on your signage screen. This will allow you tokeep your screen updated with fresh content. We support the Twitter componentthrough scenes. We also support a refresh timer so you can set how often thenew tweets will be updated in the screen. And to set this up you will need aTwitter Developer or Application ID. And we will explain to you how to setthis up.

The Twitter component is part of the enterprise edition so you need to installit through the mediaSTORE. Log in to your ENTERPRISE ACCOUNT, switch to themediaSTORE, go to NOT INSTALLED, select TWITTER and click on INSTALL NOW.

Once you have installed it you will be able to use the component through theSignage Studio. If we log in to the signage studio and switch to COMPONENTS,we can see the TWITTER PLAYER.

Next we will switch over to the SCENE EDITOR and click on the + sign to add aNEW SCENE.

We will rename it as Twitter Scene.

Next, we will switch to COMPONENTS and we will select the TWITTER ITEM.

Make sure you don't select the TWITTER PLAYER by mistake, the TWITTERPLAYER will be added to the timeline. So, drag the TWITTER ITEM into theScene.

We will drag and drop two TWITTER ITEMS. We will set the first one on theupper left corner to a PROFILE IMAGE, and make that pretty small, and for thetext we will make it bigger.

Next we will go to CAMPAIGNS and add a new CAMPAIGN. So now we have a prettysimple CAMPAIGN set up with the screen divisions. For CHANNEL ‘0' wewill add the TWITTER PLAYER and double click it to load up its properties.

Next we will need to fill this form to make sure that our TWITTER PLAYER isworking properly. The first thing is going to ask us is the CONSUMER KEY andnext is the CONSUMER SECRET KEY.

You need to actually grab these from Twitter. You need to open a TwitterDeveloper Account which it's free to do and once you do that you get aCONSUMER KEY and CONSUMER SECRET which you will be able to copy and paste itover the form above. Now we will go to and we can open a freeaccount or sign in.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to create a new application. Once youcreate an application, you will have your application ID.

In our example, we logged in to our account and you can see that there is alittle icon on the upper right corner of the page and now we can go in MYAPPLICATIONS, since we already have an application that we have created.

Once we go to MY APPLICATIONS, you can see that we have an application whichis already set up. To set up an application you simply click on CREATE NEWAPPLICATION. And once you click on CREATE NEW APPLICATION, you will bepresented with this dialog which will basically give you your CONSUMER KEY andyour SECRET KEY.

Place the CONSUMER KEY and your SECRET KEY in the correct fields in theStudio.

Also you need to choose which screen name you want to follow on the screen. Wewill use the CNN scree name. But off course this could be any screen name youwant. Anything that interests you to put on the screen.

Next we will switch over to SCENES and select our TWITTER SCENE, drag and dropthe scene where it says Drop Scene Here.

At this point we have bound the TWITTER SCENE to our TWITTER PLAYER component.You can change the interval, you have an interval setting on the right. Youcan also set the slide show if you want to slide from one to the next and alsoyou have the option to remove the slide show and so you will basically bepresented to view just a single latest tweet.

To preview your work, simply click on the play button, and that will cyclethrough each tweet, in our case every 5 seconds.

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