The mediaSERVER


The mediaSERVER is a private Digital Signage solution that is capable of running a network with thousands of SignagePlayers over the LAN, VPN, WAN and across the WEB.

The mediaSERVER is an affordable, self-hosted Digital Signage server for medium to large size organizations. The mediaSERVER is available as both plug and play appliance or as a software installation kit. With the latter you provide your own dedicated Windows 2008 64 server and use our mediaKEY USB licensing dongle to build a customized server solution.


MediaCLOUD is a cloud based Digital Signage (also known as SaaS or software as a service). It is a FREE service that allows you to get UNLIMITED licenses (SignagePlayers) at no cost.

Each SignagePlayer can be connected to one or more screens. All of your media files (videos, animations etc) are stored on our servers (the mediaCLOUD servers) and stream down to each remote Player. The media files are locally cached on the remote SignagePlayer so they do not depend on a constant internet connection. The mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition is only $99.00 a month (flat NOT PER SCREEN) and gets you access to the more advanced features like the Advertising Engine, branding, mediaSTORE components and more.

MediaSERVER is a privately hosted server solution. The server software and hardware are purchased and owned by you. All the licenses for the players are also owned and managed by you. With the mediaSERVER you do NOT pay a subscription fee (as you may pay with the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition); however there is an optional updates and support annual fee. The mediaSERVER is designed to deliver the same features as the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition, but in a privately hosted server. The mediaSERVER can be installed on any PC running Microsoft Windows 2008 64 bit English version Server.


The mediaSERVER is designed to deliver uninterrupted service to thousands of concurrently connected Digital Signage and Kiosk screens. Managing a privately hosted mediaSERVER, delivers a security level, and independence from MediaSignage that many large companies often require. And while the SaaS model is more affordable, when it comes to true ownership and management over your network, nothing beats a privately hosted mediaSERVER solution.

- No recurring monthly fees
- Manage the mediaSERVER in your trusted domain
- Independence from the MediaSignage farm
- Stream sensitive media file and data within your LAN, VPN, WAN or across the WEB
- Set your own downtime and maintenance schedule
- Access the same features as the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition
- Receive quarterly software updates and support **

A privately hosted server solution allows you full access to all the features you fell in love with in our software as a service (SaaS) model. You get full access to the SignagePlayer Web and Desktop versions, SignagePlayer Mobile version, SignageStudio Web and Desktop versions as well as to the EnterpriseStudio. All applications access your privately hosted server for both management and presentation playback.

- Manage unlimited number of accounts- Run thousands of SignagePlayers concurrently
- Self contained Server with easy installation and setup
- Receive live Server and player updates
- Get direct access to the backend including database and web services
- Collect and manage server and player statistics
- Works across the LAN / VPN / WAN / WEB
- Works in a visualized environment (dedicated USB access required)
- Optimized OS and web services to deliver the best possible throughput


Manage your Signage network from anywhere. Web management is an integral part of the mediaSERVER. You can access all of your accounts through the EnterpriseStudio.

Manage your Signage network from anywhere. Web management is an integral part of the mediaSERVER. You can access all of your accounts through the EnterpriseStudio.

Always up-to-date, always new features and enhancements

With the mediaSERVER we include a sophisticated, fully automated update mechanism for all aspects of the server services. This includes web services, database, web server, Flash modules, SignageStudio and SignagePlayer. As part of the SLA, you will continue and enjoy new features and enhancements that roll out to your network. And of course, you have full control over when and how these updates are performed.

** SLA purchased annually - see pricing section for more details


The mediaSERVER was built first and for most to serve our SaaS businesses model (the mediaCLOUD), and so security was designed directly onto the core product. All content is certified and client authentication goes through an elaborate RSA public / private key authentication process to protect your content wherever it may be.

- RSA Public / Private authentication scheme
- SSL Web services
- Multi level user management control
- SignagePlayers designed to work within a firewall secured environment
- Admin server login access console
- Private mediaSERVER / SignagePlayer authentication schema
- Signage service management tools


Hardware and Software details

- OS: Windows 2008 Server 64 bit English version and the latest service packs (clean OS)
- Internet Information Server 7+ (clean install / not configured)
- Intel Quad Core2 or better (recommended Intel Quad core)
- Hard disk 500+ GB (recommended 1TB for extra file storage)
- 2GB DDR Memory (recommended 4GB DDR3)
- Requires 3 IP addresses (IP must be static internet accessible if you plan to access the server over the web)
- Requires 3 prefixed domains (i.e.:

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