For our installation, we have a TV screen that has 2 HDMI ports. We will take our MediaDROID and connect it to one of the HDMI ports.

Next, we will connect the Power. For that, we will use the micro USB and connect it to one of the free USB ports of the TV.

This will power the MediaDROID directly from the TV, therefore you don't need any power supplies, but if your TV doesn't have an open USB port, you can use the power supply plug and connect the USB cable to it. Then plug it into your wall outlet.

The videos will play at a good quality and have a smooth playback on the mediaDROID. We've tested on an HD screen and the MediaDROID was running at 1280x720p.

There are optional accessories you can get for the mediaDROID, including the Ethernet module, if you want to connect to a LAN, as well as, the Bluetooth Flymouse.

Keep in mind, if you order both the Ethernet module and the Bluetooth Fly mouse, you will need to purchase an addition USB hub, since the mediaDROID only has one free USB port.

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