Enterprise Edition

When you join the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition you'll be able to take full advantage of all the advanced features. Start using a powerful and flexible Digital Signage today. The mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition is designed to maximize the potential growth of your business and MediaSignage provides all the necessary tools.

Take advantage of the features you need to operate a successful and reliable digital signage network; full access to the EnterpriseStudio with all its advanced management capabilities, including, white label/branding, multi user management, advertising engine and more.

With the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition you are free to market yourself as you please, opening the gate for you to choose your own business model.

We offer a simple, yet robust solution with low barriers to entry. No complicated contracts and no long term obligation. We make it easy for you; just as you would expect from MediaSignage!

Tap into the potential of digital signage and energize your sales. Add digital signage consulting to your services and grow your business. Our Enterprise users rely on our solutions to ensure their message is displayed when and where they need; 24/7, 365 days a year. Digital signage is not just for public spaces and retail anymore. Corporations are now discovering digital signage as an ideal tool to communicate with staff and clients; screens are popping-up in lunch rooms and lobbies.

Digital signage doesn't need to be a hard sell because MediaSignage will give you the flexibility you need to match any price and outbid the competition while delivering a superior quality product. Now you can manage your clients through your own account and brand the complete solution. Bundle your own creative services for a complete one-stop experience; make digital signage an integrated part of your business.

We know your success is our success, and so we developed a program that allows you a substantial growth while keeping costs down.

Want to start your own business? Want to get passive monthly income?

Start your own Digital Signage network and stay ahead of the curve. The industry of Digital Signage is still young and many opportunities exist.

When you join the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition you'll pay a flat subscription of $99.00 per month. You get unlimited SignagePlayer Desktop and Mobile licenses (screens) you use. You can also manage an unlimited number of businesses. That's it, simple? We think so!

Get full access to all the advanced mediaCLOUD management features as well as a long list of business advantages. The important thing to remember is that you are always free to charge your customer's whatever price you want. You may choose to include several hours of technical support to your customers, signage content creation, or possibly graphic design assistance. You can provide training courses and online Webinars.

MediaSignage gives you the flexibility to maintain your own pricing strategy that's right for you. It's your business and your success; we just help you get there. We don't take a percentage of your advertisements, we don't charge ridiculous fees, and we let you run your own responsible Digital Signage business; your way...


The mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition will get you access to the EnterpriseStudio; a real time monitoring tools which allows for central management of your subscribers and full administration over all accounts. You're also able to disable delinquent accounts and notify your customers of updates and changes. The EnterpriseStudio includes many advanced features, such as the advertising engine, multi user control, access control lists, branding, the mediaSTORE and more; all covered in the following chapters.


When you sign up as a mediaCLOUD Enterprise user you can take advantage of the Branding / White Label. Designed for individuals and companies who own or operate a Digital Signage network. It allows you to embed the complete MediaSignage solution onto your own website. These include all components, including login screen, SignageStudio, SignagePlayers and support components, all in a matter of minutes. Your web visitors can open new Digital Signage accounts directly on your website, while returning customers can login to their accounts through your web portal.

Give it your own look as if you developed the entire software suit; using your logos and company information. MediaSignage becomes transparent to your clients so you can market it your way.


So you are managing a bunch of remote screens, but now it's time to capitalize on them. Well, the Advertising Engine allows you to do just that. With the Advertising Engine you can provide proof of play (POP) to your advertisers, open your network to outside Ad managers and even post Ads across businesses. The Advertising Engine is the ultimate tool to help you turn a Digital Signage business into a successful one.


- White Label / Branding with your Logo, link backs and more
- Advertising Engine, Manage an advertising network
- Create access lists and user permission control
- Modify the overall Theme through editable CSS
- Get discounts on hardware and accessories
- Receive phone support and none client assistance
- download marketing material (source code available)
- Manage sub accounts and much more
- Access to the mediaSTORE

With branding you have the ability to host the complete application on your own website. This way, existing customers can login to their accounts on your website (through your web portal) and new customers can create new accounts and get associated as sub-accounts under your Enterprise umbrella.

Some of the other benefits include support for multi users, create ACL or Privileges and Access Control Lists where you can assign users only access to certain areas of the SignageStudio.

You'll be able to manage all your businesses from a single location using the EnterpriseStudio.

- Advertising Engine

The Advertising Engine will allow you to send proof of play to advertisers and also join the MediaADNET where you can build your own advertising network. There are over fifty features associated with the advertising Engine and we will cover them in detail in another Chapter.

- No Limits

Install unlimited number of screens at infinite number of locations.

Enterprise users receive 10 Gigabyte of storage on the mediaCLOUD to store videos, animation, and images (additional space can be granted if needed at no charge. None Enterprise Users total server storage TBA).

Enterprise users can download and upload with no limits as we do not cap bandwidth speeds (none Enterprise Users bandwidth limit TBA).

- Multi User Management
Collaborate with other users. Work together on the same campaign and use source control to merge your work. Use perforce like features to manage your updates between you and other team members.

- Central SignageStudio access
Manage unlimited number of accounts and remote SignagePlayers all using central login. Get a global view of your entire player stats and receive live notifications.

- EnterpriseStudio access
Manage your network, setup branding, apply permissions, inject access control lists and more, all using single point and click management.

- EnterpriseStudio White Label / Branding
Brand the entire solution. Copy and paste the provided HTML snippet and allow customer login and create new account; accessed directly from your own website. All with your own domain, custom logos and link backs.

- SignagePlayer White Label / Branding
Set the Signage Player to display your company's information anytime the Player is started or rebooted. Make MediaSignage transparent to your clients.

- Branded Embedded SignagePlayer
Embed the SignagePlayer Embedded version directly onto your own website. Enterprise edition users can remove the Copyrights snippet and set no references to MediaSignage.

- Advertising Manager
Manage thousands of Ads across any number of businesses using the "Incoming" Ad Manager module and provide proof of play to your advertisers. Set Approval rules and schedule Advertising start and end dates.

Develop your own user interface using Web services and application program interface (API) for your Advertisers using web services and embed it all onto your own website. Use any programming language including ActionScript 3, ASP.NET, PHP and more. Create a fully automated system with your CMS for Ad package creation, resource uploads and more.

Use the software development kit (SDK) and develop custom SignageStudio and SignagePlayer components. Use working samples to get up and running in hours, not days.

- Advertising Engine
Take advantage of a robust Advertising Engine including incoming and outgoing Ad management.

- Access Control List
Access Control Lists (ACL) allows you to set specific regions within the SignageStudio using 8 levels of control. Hide area you do not want specific users to access while maintaining full admin access to others.

- Privileges
Privileges are set to control what users can do within the SignageStudio. Privileges include, read, update, delete, and modify control. Create unlimited number of sub-users each with its own privileged group assignment.

- Multi Player central management
Get a Global view of all the Players across the entire network from a single screen.

- Multi user management
Create unlimited number of users each with its own ACL and privilege group. Use default privileges for easy group privileged assignment.

- SignageStudio custom themes and CSS control
Choose a custom look and feel for the SignageStudio through pre-configured CSS Themes.

- Unlimited support
MediaSignage dedicated support through phone, email, forum and Live Chat. Support is guaranteed within 24 hours. Normally we reply to Enterprise member inquiries within 1 hour of extended business hours.

- Private Library of resources, videos, backgrounds and masks
Access hundreds of pre-made resources including backgrounds, masks, source SDKs, videos, images, SWF animations and more.

- Discounts on mediaBOX
Receive 5% OFF the mediaBOX; all version, including Linux / Ubuntu and Windows / Embedded version.

- Discounts on the mediaSERVER
Receive 5% OFF the mediaSERVER. Also get access to our special pricing on Microsoft Windows 2008 64bit server edition license.

- Media SERVER Licenses discounts
Get lower prices on the mediaSERVER Licenses; prices drop to as low as 135.00 per single license (depends on volume).

- 25% OFF on some accessories
Receive discounts on accessories, such as, wall mounts, USB OS Imager, and other peripherals.

- Marketing material branded to your Company
Take advantage of marketing material including flyers, brochures, business card, white papers and more. Download the Photoshop source files and modify with your own company's logo and information.

- Participate in the Lead generation program
Receive leads generated from potential new clients and increase your business exposure.

- Access the mediaADNET
Expose your Advertising Network through our mediaADNET and increase the exposure of your screens to national and international advertisers.

- Link backs from MediaSignage.com to your website
Increase online traffic to your own Digital Signage website through link backs and access the partner program.

- Early access to special promotions and package discounts
Receive early access to special discounts, promotions, news and beta release of the software.

- General consulting and advice
Consult our support team for additional information and resources concerning Digital Signage installation, maintenance, and setup.

- Direct access the online Video Tutorials
Host the entire video tutorials content library on your own website, none branded. Visit on how to host the video tutorials

- Permission to use information from the MediaSignage.com website
Copy and paste information from the MediaSignage.com website to your own site and promote your company with proven content.

As a mediaCLOUD Enterprise user you pay a flat $99.00 dollars a month subscription fee. This gives you access to the complete product solution; everything we have to offer, and that's it. There are no other fees associated with the program. You get:

- All the software updates
- Access to all the features
- Technical support
- No setup fees
- No contract
- Month to month / cancel at any time

You get advanced, Enterprise level solution for one low cost.


In this section we will be covering the Enterprise sign-up process.

To open an Enterprise account click on the [SIGN-UP] box below on the following webpage: Enterprise sign-up

Clicking on the [SIGN-UP] box will launch the SignageStudio Web version, and create your Enterprise account.

Note that if you are currently logged in as a standard end user, you must first click on File > Logout in the SignageStudio Web version, before you can re-launch the [SIGN-UP] Enterprise Studio from the link above.

From the EnterpriseStudio you can manage all your Businesses and all the Users that registered under your Enterprise account, you can see all Stations managed by each customer, and can set up your Logos and more.

We will cover the Enterprise level features in the following chapters.

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